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Creative Solutions

Manage your creatives with full flexibility

With Seamless Creatives you can alter the content of your creatives within minutes, ensuring you can be as relevant towards your clients as possible. And the best part is that this works with custom developed creatives instead of standard, dime a dozen templates.

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WYSIWYG editor

Editing the content of your creatives is very easy, because can directly see what you are editing and preview your changes with the click of a button.

Product Selection

The platform allows for custom selection from your entire product catalogue, enabling you to show the products you want to highlight in rotation

Advanced previewing and QA workflow

Seamless creative offers you the option not only preview your changes, but see your original and adjusted creatives side by side. Next to that the preview section also contains a full commenting option, allowing to collaborate with your colleagues and even maintain a QA workflow.

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Why our clients love our solution
No technical knowledge required

Seamless Creative is made to be used by marketers without having to have knowledge on creative code or any other technical knowledge.


Online marketing campaigns are never a one person job for big companies. The ability to really collaborate makes Seamless Creative therefore a very fitting solution

Real previews

Seamless Creative allows real and fully anitmated previews of the creative, before the content is actually published.

Product Selection

With Seamless Creative you are able to make a selection of your product catalogue to rotate in a creative set.

What our client say
Does Seamless Creative Support other DSPs than DV360?

Yes. Seamless Creative connects to Campaign Manager for the serving of the ad. From there the creatives can be pushed to DV360 or any other DSP via importing the Campaign Manager tags.

What is the delay between publishing in Seamless Creative and the content being live?

Seamless Creative pushed the data instantly and any delay is due to the connected technology. For Google Studio this means a delay of max 2 hours, since it refreshes the input data every 2 hours.

Is there a limitation on how many creatives I can have running through the system?

No. Seamless Creative is build to handle a large amount of creatives. This is done via Stories, which can easily be grouped in projects, allowing to properly organise campaigns with multiple flights in them.

Can I plug my current creatives into Seamless Creative?

No. Seamless Creative is built to support custom creatives instead of generic templates, but these custom creatives do need to be build to fit Seamless Creative. Therefore Seamless Creative must be seen as the perfect platform to operate the amazing creatives that are developed by our creative teams.

Can the in platform previewed creative differ from the actual live creative?

No Seamless Creative uses the actual creative assets to render the previews, ensuring that there is no difference to the in platform preview and the actual live creative.

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